Improving the daily routine for a better life

Here are some ways to get it :

  • Stay away from your phone when you wake up :The main reason is that your brain is highly suggestible during this time. As a result, this train our minds to become distracted by the release of dopamine that we get from our electronic devices. Then, your productivity is also affected for the rest of the day.
  • Eat breakfast : You need fuel to provide the energy you need throughout the day. So, every morning you should think about healthier options such as eggs, yogurt, milk, cheese, berries … In addition to the energy you will receive, these types of food are good for your brain by improving your concentration and memory.
  • Get your body moving:Keep in mind that physical activity not only improves your overall health, it’s very important as it will help you destress, relax and clear your head.
  • Meditation: it has various health benefits and can help people to improve their quality of life. Recent studies have shown that meditation helps people manage anxiety, stress, depression …
  • Structure Your Day: Think about when you work best. Then, organize your tasks so you can perform them effectively.