Responsible Marketing

Al Naseem responds to the needs of millions of people in the region. For that, we place great emphasis on our marketing activities as we raise awareness of the importance of health care for all generations and that is also what we seek through our products. We are committed to helping consumers understand the importance of healthy food and good nutrition.

ISO Certification

Our principles are to ensure high food safety and superior quality at all stages of our production chain that comply with all international standards and local legislation to provide the best for our consumers in Libya and all over the world.

The awards we have received represent the emblematic synthesis of our passion and technology. We are proud that we were presented with various awards and certificates such as the Libyan Quality sign, ISO 9001 and ISO 22OOO, that has further reinforced our ambitious strategy and confidence in our products.

We are now working to cross the Libyan borders, expanding our regional vision and ensuring that Al Naseem’s “Date with Quality” is preserved.

Food Safety

Nutrition is such an important part of our lives. For that, food safety is an absolute priority for us.

All Al Naseem employees have knowledge of good hygiene practices and the risks associated with food, and they are committed to applying the rules of international food safety standards.

Al Naseem’s products are checked from farms and ending at our retail partners in order to offer high quality products.

Our Food Safety Policy helps us to ensure products comply with local and international legislation and regulations.

Al Naseem CorporateResponsibility

Al Naseem is committed to playing role in society and to taking into account the environmental and social impact when making decisions. We are building a synergy with Al Naseem Organization for Social Development to emphasize our corporate responsibility.


Responsible Marketing

As a food company, our environmental responsibility is a pillar for achieving sustainable development goals. We take responsibility for preserving the environment by reducing gas and CO2 emissions, protecting nature by choosing methods that have the least impact on pollution and ensuring sustainable packaging.

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We are committed to setting well-defined standards to care for your health and to provide you with delicious and nutritious products. Moreover, all our products come from farms where good farming practices are applied to produce products with a unique taste and high quality.



Our company is keen on backing the plans of Financial Responsibility through financial investments in programs, donations and product research. We believe that our impact on society and the social well-being of our farmers is part and parcel of the quality of the products we produce.

Create a synergy with
Al Naseem Organisation for Social Development
to focus on Al Naseem corporate responsibility