Al Naseem
Once a Story turns into History

With an unrivaled passion and work ethic, Mohamed Raied founded a Company in 1994 that specializes in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution. He called it Al Naseem.
It began as a simple ice cream factory, with a small group of passionate people, then it has grown significantly throughout the years. Today, Al Naseem Food Industries is one of the biggest food companies in Libya and its main offices are based in Misurata.
We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and freshness.
Welcome to Al Naseem world.

Our values

We define ourselves through our values! We have built a unique culture, and strong values that shape the way we work, and have not changed since we started.

Our vision

In order to reach the highest levels of your satisfaction,

Al Naseem is committed to providing you with high quality products, from the raw material to the final product. Then, we abide by international food safety standards at all times. We are focused on being a world-class company, creating a shared future that makes a difference in healthy communities and maximizing our positive impact on society,

the economy and the natural world.


Al Naseem is committed to renewal and innovation,
through its team of research and development, which works with a
range of international ingredient suppliers, to provide the best to
our consumers and respond to their needs.
And as the desired product on the market, we always aim to satisfy
our consumers and keep them healthy.

Our message

Quality, safety and sustainability are our main
concerns. We are dedicated to creating better nutrition for the
world and to providing delicious products with high nutritional value
and high quality, to enrich the lifestyle of our consumers and
nourish community life.

Success Story

Through the generations, passion has guided us to make all our products.
Providing you with delicious and healthy products that meet high nutritional standards has
always been what drives us. We know it’s not just about what you do, it’s about the way you do it and the people you serve it, that’s why Al Naseem is honored to have earned a seat at every Libyan family’s table.
the company has become one of the largest food companies
specializing in dairy products (Milk , Laben, Rayeb, Yogurt, Cheese), juices, and ice cream.